top 5 the most popular applications for XYZ modular gantry

We know that the XYZ gantry system is one of the most popular linear modular structure for different applications, but today we will give you a hint. This is the most popular applications with our linear guide rails for the XYZ. 

No.5 Pick and place

Pick and place is a widespread application in the automation world, adding different heads for pick or place various objects in different positions, is very common see this type of device with a vacuum head or a set of tweezers ready to collect bottles, books, food or electronic components. 

No. 4 Glue dispenser

The glue dispensers are a typical application for the XYZ modular system, are commonly used in cookies or food companies, but also have an extensive range application in the packing chain of other industries. We have different rails for assembly this kind of systems, and one of the most significant advantages of our linear rail module is the cylindric device that allows our rail move 360 grades, giving a full range of movement to the glue dispenser head.

XYZ motion, XYZ stage, XYZ structure, XYZ Cartesian
Gantry system, XYZ motion stage

No. 3 Drill machines CNC machines

Some of our costumers have made different drill machines for work drilling light materials in an automatize way. Drill light materials is posible with our linear guide belt drive rails and it works very well. 

XYZ motion, XYZ stage, XYZ structure, XYZ Cartesian
XYZ motion system
Cartesian XYZ stage, linear guide system XZY, XYZ stage
XYZ cartesian system

No. 2 Camera scan for small objets

Installing cameras in a Z axis is another of the common functions for gantry systems, check the color spectrum, the right size of an object, the welding of different cellphone covers or monitoring the quality of different wires chain production at the same time. All of this camera XYZ devices have made with our rail sets.

linear guide rail belt drive, XYZ stage
linear guide rail for camera scan
XYZ structure, XYZ system, XYZ gantry, XYZ motion stage,
linear guide gantry system XYZ

No. 1 3D printer machines

Nowadays is the most popular application for XYZ modular system. Our rails have a clear advantage on it begin able of have customized size with an easy and professional assembly set. Create an industrial 3D printer machine is very easy with our linear guide rails, and install different extruders arent a problem for our modular systems.

XYZ motion, XYZ stage, XYZ structure, XYZ Cartesian
xyz linear guide belt drive gantry stage

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XYZ stage, XYZ motion, XYZ gantry, XYZ system, Assembly, motorized, costumized
XYZ assembly, linear guide rails barch motion

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