Linear rail belt drive BCX series

A versatile model designed for fit in almost any machine or project, this new model has high accuracy customized length of up to 4 meters, anti-corrosion material, maintenance-free, noiseless at low and high speeds, low vibration in the complete body, high reliability, long durability, flexible add-ons and warranty up to 3 years.

linear belt drive, linear rail guide
linear motion bearings


Positioning repeatability: ±0.05MM

Max load capacity: 10KG

Width: 40MM

Pitch: 75MM

Max length: 4000MM

timing belt linear actuator, belt linear actuator
linear guide rail systems


Positioning repeatability: ±0.05MM

Max load capacity: 25KG

Width: 50MM

Pitch: 95MM

Max length: 6000MM

toothed belt linear guide
modular guide motorized


Positioning repeatability: ±0.05MM

Max load capacity: 35KG

Width: 60MM

Pitch: 95MM

Max length: 6000MM

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BCX series technical parameters

Linear guide rail belt drive technical parameters
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