Barch Motion was founded in the U.K. Branches are in Stuttgart, Germany, Hong Kong, and Dongguan, China. We are specialized in designing and manufacturing linear modules. Because of the constant growth in the robotics and automation industry in recent years, our international design team and manufacturing plants are formed and dedicated to providing high-quality, versatile and cost-effective solutions to industrial companies, machinery designers, and individual DIY lovers.

BARCH Technology specializes in linear rails, couplers, steppers and servo motors, offering our customers a complete solution for their projects.

Our factory

Our factory is around 1750 Sqm, fully equipped with machinery production lines, CNC processing machines, and over 30 diligent workers.  

Our design

Our design team is a group of global international engineers who know different industries and experiences over the years, helping each client to find a solution to their applications and projects.