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We are manufacturers of linear guide rails belt drive. With unlimited ways of combining settings, our linear guide rails are designed to fit and solve automation in different industries. 

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linear rail guide belt drive

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We know you are looking for the most economical and intelligent solution for your project, and we know many components will make your decision much more complicated. In barch motion, we offer a complete linear guide rail system customizable with an intelligent design that is easy to assemble and fit in any project with light and medium payloads.


Our linear rail guide series is suitable for applications in high-speed positioning and carrying light to medium payloads. Our models H and X uses roller bearing guides, making them the ideal rugged and built-to-last solution for dynamic, long-stroke applications where high speeds, feed forces, and accelerations are required with a Max speed (6 meters/second) and acceleration of up to (30 meters/second2). Repeatability is rated at up to (+ 0.05 mm). Working stroke for the new series ranges from 150MM to 5600MM.


A corrosion-resistant cover paint protects the entire body profile, end block and bearings in dirty environments.


Sourcing material from the global supply chain and bright ideas amongst our international designers are vital to ensuring quality products and stable performance.


Quality material and professional design maximize the lifespan of each component. Our quality allows us to offer a warranty of 3 years on all our products.


With product quality, a 3-year warranty, technical support, and after-sales service offered to all our products. We are confident to say that Barch Motion is your reliable partner.