Application of our linear guide rails

In our company, you will find experts who know the industrial segment of their clients. Count on our experience, we have helped our costumers develop a different kind of automation projects in various industries in China, Vietnam, India, Australia Germany, and Korea.

This allows us to offer the best automation linear guides for multiple solutions in each application.
The quality of our linear rails offers your final project a high performance in its lifespan.

Our linear guide rail belt drive is the only one in the market capable of combining high accuracy, high precision, high speed, high stiffness and rigidity in a smart design. 

A body profile design with different grooves that can be easily adaptable to nuts and screws, the end user can quickly add various elements that combine allows installing the rails in different aluminum body profiles or different structures.

In Barch motion, we offer more than 30 different spare parts for connections or mountings.

From stainless steel bars to different couplers that allow you connect different axis without lost accuracy.

Our carriage design allows the end user install different connection parts to various sizes of rails or different devices. This offers almost unlimited possibilities of assembling different machines 

Install and assembly our rails to create a motion system is very easy simple and intuitive.

Motorize our linear guide rails its very easy whit the different motor mounts, motor brackets, speed reducers and couplers that combine with the smart end block design allows installing different sizes of servo motors or stepper motors in multiple positions.

The flexibility of our design allows the end user to create multiple structures and applications with the same set of rails. Opening  the possibility of re-using the rails in different applications, all our rails are customizable and can be sent to our clients under their unique specifications and requirements.

Easy to assemble, easy to order and easy to create industrial motion solutions, create your applications with high accuracy, low vibration, high speed and excellent rigidity never been so easy.

Amazing applications

Applications with linear belt drive

The most popular in asia

Fast, accurate, low noise, and low vibration. Our linear rails offer you more than a simple way to assembly a gantry system. Our linear guide is customizable with the capacity of work from 3 to 35 kilograms load capacity and 150mm to 5600cmm stroke length.

The best price

High quality with a fantastic price, for distributors, dealers or end users.

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